CyberGuard revamps security system -- and more news briefs

HP Virus Throttle puts brake on worms

Short takes from this week's news

CyberGuard revamps security system

CyberGuard has revamped its enterprise-class central policy management system, allowing users to implement and manage security policy from one location. The software, called Global Command Center, enables users to update policies in real time as threats change, and ensure that these changes are applied consistently across the entire network. The software offers centralised reporting and monitoring and report generation to support regulatory compliance projects.

BT virtual mobile network moves closer

BT has finished putting in place its virtual mobile network for consumers and business customers. The network will work with BT's broadband network to support both wireless services and fixed lines. BT's Project Bluephone, a device that will use the converged network to connect people at home, in the office or on the move, has also moved forward after successfully completing key technical tests, the company said.

Asigra joins NetApp for one-stop data back-up

Asigra and NetApp have joined forces to offer users a one-stop-shop in multi-site data back-up and recovery technology. Asigra has joined the NetApp partner programme, which will see Asigra's Televaulting distributed back-up product being tested and validated with NetApp's unified storage systems. The companies said the move would improve centralised back-up of remote site data islands.

EMC adds iSCSI support to Clariion systems

EMC has introduced new versions of its Clariion networked storage systems with native iSCSI support. The company said the enhancements - on the Clariion AX100i, CX300i and CX500i models - would help users reduce costs and consolidate their IT infrastructures, because the storage systems are able to existing IP network infrastructure.

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