Kaspersky Lab warns against new version of the Bagle worm -- and other news briefs

Short takes from this week's news

Short takes from this week's news


Bagle spreading rapidly, virus experts warn

A new version of the Bagle worm is spreading rapidly through IT systems, Kaspersky Lab said last week. The worm, Bagle.ay, spreads through a combination of harvested e-mail addresses, P2P and shared networks. The worm attacks network defences, leaving machines vulnerable to further attacks.


IBM and BEA release SOA-based tools

IBM and BEA Systems are boosting their service oriented architectures (SOA) with new tools and services for enterprises. SOA is a form of application development that breaks down applications into services that can be combined and re-used in a modular and flexible way. BEA Systems has developed a web-based tool that is designed to quantitatively measure and benchmark a company's readiness for pursuing SOA as its IT strategy.


O2 to roll out Siemens multimedia system

O2 has signed a multimillion-pound contract with Siemens to roll out an IP multimedia subsystem across its enterprise and consumer business. The subsystem will allow O2 to deliver instant messaging and video services to customers and will support its push-to-talk service, a walkie talkie-like system that allows a caller to speak to groups of people.


Microsoft meeting DoJ to green-light Longhorn

Microsoft is expected to meet with officials from the US Department of Justice in mid-February to examine whether Longhorn, the next version of the Windows operating system, will satisfy antitrust safeguards as part of the antitrust settlement reached at the end of 2002. The meeting will be the first of many before Longhorn reaches the market. The desktop version of Longhorn is planned for next year and the server version is expected in 2007.


Amicus calls for pay rise for Fujitsu staff

IT union Amicus has submitted its first national pay claim to IT services company Fujitsu for 20 years. The pay claim calls for a 6% increase in the company pay pot and a guarantee that all staff will receive a pay rise of at least 3.5%, in line with inflation. The union has also called for a reduction in working hours, claiming that a majority of Fujitsu staff work more than 40 hours a week.

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