Oracle users will support Peoplesoft users in transition

Oracle Applications Users Group is organising plans to support PeopleSoft users and the PeopleSoft user group.

Oracle Applications Users Group is organising plans to support PeopleSoft users.

"The OAUG welcomes them to work with us," said the OAUG president Patricia Dues and will show the PeopleSoft user organisation how to work with Oracle.

There has been some friction between the OAUG and Oracle, when it dropped support for older applications. But Oracle has usually compromised and extended support timeframes to comply with OAUG members' wishes.

Significant help can be given by laying out the organisational structure of the OAUG and how it has adapted to work with Oracle. "We have the infrastructure in place," she said.

For example, OAUG has a Customer Support Council that works directly with Oracle and on which an Oracle executive sits.

Dues said OAUG sees the PeopleSoft purchase as a positive step and is not concerned that Oracle might dilute its current support or development to accommodate thousands of new customers.

"Oracle is buying the entire company, and that means the development group is coming with it so there is no reason that Oracle applications will be ignored or support will dwindle," said Dues.

"The ability for Oracle to pick the brains of these very smart people will be an asset," Dues said.

Ephraim Schwartz writes for Infoworld

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