IT at heart of Jersey reorganisation

The Island of Jersey government is striving to save £20 million over five year by investing in IT and re-engineering its business...

The Island of Jersey government is striving to save £20m over five years by investing in IT and re-engineering its business processes.

Jersey is not part of the UK and is largely self governing. It is currently re-organising its government structure from a political committees to a ministerial model. It is also reducing 30 devolved government departments down to 10 more centralised units.

Part of this programme will see the centralisation of IT procurement and management, although IT staff will still be deployed with government departments and IT staff will sit on senior departmental management teams.

Stephen Chiang, States of Jersey information services director described this as a hybrid approach.

The islands have already made IT investments in infrastructure, a standardised PC platform and a document management and workflow system.

However, with the assistance of consultants Partners for Change, Jersey’s government is attempting to become more focused on its citizens. It also wants to enable more inter-agency working.

Before IT can support these goals, the government has established a business change team in an effort to introduce new cultural attitudes.

"That is the challenge for us," Chiang said. "Only if you change behaviour can you take benefit from technology investments. Really it is only 20% about the technology."

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