StorageTek boosts storage with CAS

Storage Technology (StorageTek) announced it will add content-addressable store technology (CAS) to its range of storage...

Storage Technology (StorageTek) announced it will add content-addressable store technology (CAS) to its range of storage products.

According to an industry source, StorageTek will take technology from Permabit and will announce an OEM deal in two weeks' time.

CAS technology is used to store data records whose content is fixed and whose likelihood of being accessed is relatively low. Nevertheless the data must be kept online. This is a growing feature of compliance regimes where industry regulators in, for example, the financial field, may request all records dealing with certain transactions, some of which may be several years old.

EMC established the idea of using non-duplicated data stores for this purpose. Its Centera device, which splits data records into blocks, uses hash addressing to ensure duplicate blocks are detected and deleted, thus minimising the amount of disc space needed. This way multiple copies of attachments would not be stored with e-mails.

Permabit sells the Permeon Reference Vault and Permeon Compliance Vault - configurable as a Worm device - products. These are software products that run on standard networked and clustered servers. StorageTek is taking Permeon software and building its own CAS product set to offer customers.

"Permabit is only a small piece of what's going on. Much bigger things will be revealed in the next quarter," a source revealed.

Permabit is a small player in the CAS market. Network Appliance has its LockVault system. Other suppliers include Avamar Technologies. Permabit has already built formal relationships with Archivio, CommVault Systems and iLumin Software Services and has qualified software from KVS - now Veritas Software - and Legato (owned by EMC).

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