UK users remain satisfied with Oracle products

Oracle users in the UK are increasingly satisfied with their enterprise software products, although longstanding concerns about...

Oracle users in the UK are increasingly satisfied with their enterprise software products, although longstanding concerns about costs remain, according to the annual survey the Oracle User Groups.

The survey was released this morning at the start of the user group's annual conference in Birmingham.

After questioning more than 500 users, the OUG found a 12% rise in satisfaction compared with the 2003 survey, but some users still felt that their concerns with Oracle products and services had not been fully addressed.

Ronan Miles, chair of the OUG, said the rise in customer satisfaction was encouraging but added, "there are still details that can be addressed, such as support, which is lagging behind in terms of customer satisfaction".

Users called for simpler installation of Oracle's 9iAS and AS10g application server software, although some respondents thought Oracle had made some improvements to installation procedures in the last year.

The cost of using Oracle products was, once again, highlighted in the survey. Users perceived Oracle products as more expensive than Microsoft SQL database server. Some survey respondents also indicated a growing awareness of MySQL, the free open-source database rival to Oracle's flagship products.

The survey also noted declining satisfaction with Oracle Consulting, indicating that users felt they were not getting good value for money from the software giant's consulting arm.

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