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Avanquest has introduced InboxShield 3, which is designed to block at least 98% of all spam using a six-step spam filtering...

Avanquest has introduced InboxShield 3, which is designed to block at least 98% of all spam using a six-step spam filtering process.

Developed by Endovia, InboxShield can be easily integrated with either Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express e-mail clients.

The six steps InboxShield 3 uses for a virtually spam-free inbox are:

  • Step 1 - Address verification - buddies and safe recipient lists are created so they are not spammed out whilst an enemies list blocks any unwanted e-mails
  • Step 2 - Heuristic filtering - compares from and to address usage, it will let you decide whether you would like to treat messages as spam if the recipient (to) is empty or if the sender (from) and the recipient are the same
  • Step 3 - Keywords - create a list of search words eg Viagra and it will search the e-mail content and block the e-mail
  • Step 4 - Codepages - if you request that foreign language e-mails be blocked, InboxShield analyses the message to retrieve the language code
  • Step 5 - Bayesian analysis - InboxShield will look at the content of the message, analyse it, and determine the probability of the message being spam
  • Step 6 - Web crawler - e-mails are linked back to its source to check whether the website may be black-listed or otherwise.

If InboxShield has mistakenly classed a legitimate e-mail as spam, before an e-mail is deleted automatically it is put into the quarantine folder where you can verify any e-mails.

If this occurs or the system accidentally lets a spam message into the inbox, you can let InboxShield know by specifying if the message is spam or not. InboxShield will then learn from the message and send it to the appropriate folder in the future.

InboxShield also lets you block images from spam messages. This is particularly useful when you want to protect against pornographic images. InboxShield 3 costs £19.99.

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