Membership up 10%

Following the Queen's approval of its revamped royal charter in May, the BCS is aiming to get more senior IT users to join its...

BCS membership has grown by 10% in the three months since the launch of the society's new grading structure.

More than 3,500 people have joined, mostly in the professional grades of member and fellow.

This puts the BCS well ahead of its targets of at least 10,000 new professional grade members in the first year of the new arrangements and of doubling its membership in three years.

"The response from all levels of the industry to our changes has been overwhelmingly positive and this is reflected in the recruitment figures," said BCS deputy chief executive Colin Thompson.

The new membership structure enables IT specialists to get recognition in the form of a professional title and the letters MBCS or FBCS after their name much earlier in their careers, and with much less bureaucracy.

They can then progress to chartered status, taking the title of chartered IT professional or chartered engineer. The BCS calls chartered status the "gold standard".

The member grade is for people who either have a degree accredited by the BCS or two to five years' experience.

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