Intel and Oracle back Liberty ID standard

Intel and Oracle were among 10 new backers announced by the Liberty Alliance last week.

Intel and Oracle were among 10 new backers announced by the Liberty Alliance last week.

The Liberty Alliance is a group of 150 companies and public sector organisations working to combat electronic identity theft through an open standard for federated network identity.

The standard allows Liberty members to share electronic identity information on employees and customers so that authorised users can access systems from any location without compromising security. The technology can facilitate e-business and mobile working.

As well as Intel and Oracle, new Liberty supporters include Sharp Laboratories of America, MTN and US gambling company Gamefederation. Computer Associates has upgraded its member status to sponsor level.

Andy Kellett, senior research analyst at Butler Group, said Liberty has been successful in getting the federated model right. "It is picking up some very big industry players and the addition of Oracle, CA and Intel adds to that credibility," he said.

Microsoft is not a Liberty member and has its own Passport single sign-on service.

In a separate development, this month the Liberty Alliance saw its largest customer implementation to date, according to IBM, which will create a single sign-on network for France Telecom's 50 million cellphone users.

The system will allow users of France Telecom's Orange network to sign on using a mobile phone or a PC and access services from France Telecom and its partners using a single ID.

IBM is not a Liberty member, but it said its customers were starting to demand systems based on the Liberty specification.

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