Aduva joins OSDL consortium

Aduva has joined the Open Source Development Labs.

Linux life-cycle and automation management supplier Aduva has joined the Open Source Development Labs, a growing consortium of companies that hopes to speed up the adoption of Linux in corporate computing.

Aduva said it will participate in the lab's desktop Linux and data centre Linux working groups. 

"As Linux gains acceptance in corporations, managers need help running increasingly complex Linux deployments that scale up and out," Zev Laderman, the chairman and CEO of Aduva, said.

"Our participation in OSDL and its working groups will help us advance Linux in the enterprise and give us access to a forum where customers and suppliers can work together with the Linux development community on shared challenges." 

Membership in the OSDL has been expanding steadily since last year. In April, chip maker Advanced Micro Devices joined, and in March, the Beijing Software Testing Centre, China's largest government software testing organisation, became a member.

Other OSDL members worldwide include Cisco Systems, Computer Associates, IBM, Red Hat, Unilever, Intel and Sun Microsystems. 

Todd R Weiss writes for Computerworld

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