Sun open sources Java 3D

These first open source moves have won praise from Hagerman and other Sun customers.

Sun Microsystems took a step toward making Java open source by opening its Java 3D version along with its 3D desktop, Project Looking Glass.

Michael Hagerman, cheif executive of Make Technologies, an application developer of standards-based architecture solutions, said his company has been lobbying Sun for about six months to make Java open source, but said Java 3D would make the least impact going open source compared to J2EE, J2SE and J2ME.

"I'm really happy about Looking Glass being open sourced because we were looking at using it in one of our upcoming projects," explained Joseph King, chief operating officer and founder of Catalyst Realtime. He said Catalyst was trying to emulate Looking Glass but now that it has gone open source, the company's developers can simply use Looking Glass instead.

King said he is not sure that open sourcing Solaris on X86 is a good way for Sun to compete with Linux. He suggested Sun should embrace Linux rather than turning to open source Solaris.

Rebecca Reid writes for ITWorldCanada

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