NetWorld+Interop security briefing

Enterprises on the lookout for answers to security struggles have plenty of wares to pick from at the NetWorld+Interop 2004...

Enterprises on the lookout for answers to security struggles have plenty of wares to pick from at the NetWorld+Interop 2004 conference, as suppliers such as FaceTime Communications, RedSiren and Senforce Technologies introduced offerings. 

FaceTime unveiled Version 5.0 of its IM Auditor real-time communications security and compliance offering. IM Auditor 5.0 features integration with MSN Messenger Connect for Enterprises for securing IM communications outside the corporate network. The integration provides namespace management, which allows MSN contact list names to be created from the corporate directory. 

The integration with MSN Messenger Connect for Enterprises also allows enterprises to extend centralised management, security, and auditing of IM beyond the firewall to include communication occurring from a smart phone, home office, or other handheld device. 

Also new in Version 5.0 is anti-virus scanning of file transfers through integration with Symantec, Network Associates and Trend Micro antivirus engines; integration with EMC Centera for IM storage; and extended support for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2003. 

RedSiren introduced its RedSiren CVM (Continuous Vulnerability Management) service, which is designed to continuously identity vulnerabilities that can be exploited inside a corporate infrastructure. 

Meanwhile, Fortinet rolled out its FortiGuard Web Filtering service, which lets enterprises safeguard their networks from unauthorised web content without the need for local URL database servers.

Part of the company's antivirus firewall product line, the FortiGuard Web Filtering service, contains a URL database with information on five million URLs and 80 content categories. The service can either deny or allow requested web pages based on the corporate policy defined for each user. 

Zeroing in on wireless security, Senforce added storage device control functionality to its EMSM (Enterprise Mobile Security Manager) Version 2.5. The enhancement is designed to prevent data theft on mobile computers by extending mobile security policies to include all storage options on laptops. 

Columbitech, meanwhile, unveiled a new Enterprise Server Edition of its Columbitech Wireless Suite. The Enterprise Server Edition provides additional tools for managing security and access control for wireless devices entering the corporate network remotely.

New features include the capability to direct a security-compromised wireless device to a quarantine server, where it can be patched or updated before it is granted access to the corporate server.

Furthermore, Enterprise Server Edition supports differentiation of user access rights based on wireless user roles and trusted zones, which lets administrators optimise networks by allowing non-encrypted data traffic through safe networks such as the office Lan.

Cathleen Moore writes for InfoWorld

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