Compuware and Segue boost apps management

Compuware and Segue Software are bolstering their application management wares, with Compuware finding ways to boost performance...

Compuware and Segue Software are bolstering their application management wares, with Compuware finding ways to boost performance without increasing a user's equipment expenses and Segue managing application quality.
Compuware is rolling out Vantage 9.1, its application service management package that features Linux re-hosting, "Wan right-sizing", and server consolidation in this release.

The product ties infrastructure management to service management to improve alignment of IT resources with business requirements. Vantage 9.1 can help save money by finding opportunities to better application performance without costly upgrades, Compuware claimed.

The Linux rehosting feature is for customers migrating to Linux. Vantage will provide monitoring of performance from the client, network, and server perspectives, delivering reports containing essential baseline information for evaluating changes to application service levels after a migration.

Customers in moving to Linux may save money but there is a risk to performance, said Lloyd Bloom, Vantage product manager at Compuware. Compuware is providing best practices for moving to Linux.

With Wan right-sizing, Vantage provides reports on bandwidth consumption by application and user. This information enables more informed decisions on bandwidth subscription levels.

The server consolidation function provides a detailed view of server traffic to highlight opportunities to reduce costs by eliminating under-used servers and non-essential server access, Compuware said. 

Compuware Vantage 9.1 is priced at $25,000 for basic monitoring of one element, such as server monitoring.

Meanwhile Segue Software is introducing SilkCentral Quality Optimization Platform. The company defines quality optimization as defining and maintaining application quality across the application lifecycle, from requirements and functional testing to load testing and monitoring.

"What's new about this platform is this integrates all of those activities [such as load testing and functional testing] into a single platform, into a single architecture," said Andre Pino, chief marketing officer at Segue. The product also can integrate with third-party tools for functions such as monitoring,.

Shipping in May, the product fulfills a need for quality optimisation at a time when business demands compress development cycles, Pino said. "There's less and less time for quality testing" under today's business conditions, said Pino.

Since the product is web-based, it can be managed from anywhere. SilkCentral modules include Test Manager, to establish requirements and perform functional testing; Issue Manager, for defect-tracking; and Performance Manager, for deployment monitoring. The company's Silk Common Architecture provides integrated flow of information within the product and features a common data repository.

Paul Krill writes for InfoWorld

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