Borland readies apps deployment tool

Borland Software will introduce Borland Deployment Op-Centre for application lifecycle management.

Borland Software will introduce Borland Deployment Op-Centre for application lifecycle management.

The infrastructure software aims to help businesses control costs, manage change and increase reliability in IT operations, the company said. Op-Centre automates the manual processes of deployment, configuration and control.

Based on VisiBroker ORB technology, Op-Centre can function in application environments such as Corba, Java, or .net, said Moty Aharonovitz, senior product manager for deployment solutions at Borland.

The product fills the communications gap between development and deployment teams, Aharonovitz said, noting that two different groups of people perform these tasks.

"People can use it to control, configure and deploy, and ensure the availability of mission-critical applications in a production environment, such as in a datacentre," he added.

Op-Centre provides an XML-based, template-driven user interface to assist collaboration between development and deployment teams. It features IT inventory management to define logical and physical associations between applications and infrastructure resources.

Other features include:

  • Application infrastructure configuration management, including support for middleware, messaging, web servers and database servers.
  • Automatic failure detection, isolation and recovery.
  • Configuration templates providing a mechanism to document deployment information.
  • SNMP-based connectivity with network and systems management products such as Hewlett-Packard OpenView and IBM Tivoli.
  • Web services support in Op-Centre; the product monitors the availability of web services.

Available now, Op-Centre costs $4,000 per CPU for each hub component, which enables distributed control and configuration. Each agent deployed on the host where processes or applications are monitored also costs $4,000.

Borland also announced Version 6.0 of its Borland Enterprise Server application server, featuring support for J2EE 1.4, Corba 2.6 and web services. Additionally, the product offers pluggable Java Message Service support, backing for the Sonic MQ product, automatic recovery, and shipping with Tibco Enterprise.

The product costs from $400 per server for the web edition to $12,000 for the high-end AppServer Edition.

Paul Krill writes for InfoWorld

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