Nokia shows IPv6 phone in Asia

Nokia says prototype is a world first

Nokia, one of the world's largest handset makers, has unveiled a prototype mobile phone based on IPv6, the next-generation internet Protocol (IP) technology.

Nokia demonstrated a dual stack IPv4/IPv6 handset based on CDMA2000 1X (Code Division Multiplex Access) at the 3G World Congress in Bangkok this week.

The company said in a statement that the phone is the world's first to include both IP standards.

CDMA2000 1X is a 3G (third-generation) standard that competes with WCDMA (Wideband CDMA). Nokia is a huge promoter of WCDMA.

Damian Stathonikos, a spokesman at Nokia's headquarters in Espoo, Finland, declined to say if the company also plans to test the new internet standard on its WCDMA phones, saying only that it "is a big supporter of IPv6".

The Finnish manufacturer is currently offering prototype IPv4/IPv6 CDMA 1X handsets to operators for testing, the Nokia spokesman in Bangkok said.

John Blau writes for IDG News Service

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