HP boosts Ethernet switches

Hewlett-Packard's networking division will unveil a number of switches, with the aim of driving the adoption of GbE (Gigabit...

Hewlett-Packard's networking division will unveil a number of switches, with the aim of driving the adoption of GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) in the enterprise.

HP's ProCurve division will roll out the Switch 2800 series (latest modules for its existing Switch 4100gl series and Switch 65300xl series), and ProCurve Manager Plus software for managing network components.

"By the end of the year we'll be in the number two spot worldwide for Ethernet ports shipped," said Amol Mitra, director of product marketing for the ProCurve networking business at HP. "The market grew 3% last year. We grew four times that."

The Switch 2800 series is intended to provide Gigabit Ethernet speeds to notebook PCs, desktop PCs and servers shipping with a GbE port.

Consisting of a 24- and 48-port version, both members of the Switch 2800 series - 2824 and 2848 - feature 10/100/100 ports and mini GBIC (Gigabit Interface Converter)/UTP ports that can sense the best speed for the machines connected automatically. Additionally, the 2824 provides 35.7mpps of throughput, while the 2848 offers 71.4mpps.

HP also introduced a Gigabit blade, which boasts 20 10/100/1000 ports with two mini GBIC/UTP dual ports that slide into its chassis-based Switch 4100gl series.

Equipped with iSCSI support, the switch can be used in IP-based storage area networks. HP has also bundled three of the latest blades to create the 4160 and two blades for the 4140.

Leanna Leon, product manager of ProCurve networking business at HP, said the configurations for the 4100gl were based on customer input.

HP has also enhanced the existing Switch 5300xl with IP multicast routing and added a dual-port 10GbE module for its Switch 9300 product.

HP has also rolled out ProCurve Manager and ProCurve Manager Plus, which provide basic network device management. ProCurve Manager comes free with all managed switches, while the Plus edition also provides traffic management, policy management, and VLan management at an extra cost.

Scott Tyler Shafer writes for InfoWorld

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