CA rolls out Security Command centre

Computer Associates International rolled out its eTrust Security Command Center at its CA World user conference in Las Vegas.

Computer Associates International rolled out its eTrust Security Command Center at its CA World user conference in Las Vegas.

The software maker announced that eTrust Security Command Center, which aggregates and prioritises security events across an enterprise, will be tightly coupled with eTrust Vulnerability Manager, which also made its debut at CA World.

Security Command Center allows users to tie CA's entire Identity Management, Access Manager, and Threat Management family of eTrust products together with third-party security products, according to Russ Artzt, executive vice-president and co-founder of CA.

The web-based tool features a portal interface and live web services feed to provide customers with virus and security alerts. The role-based access product can graphically summarise the status of an enterprise's security environment by device, geographical site, or isolated event.

In addition, integration with eTrust Vulnerability Manager offers an on-demand view of a security event's description, its IP addresses, which machines are affected, and where the appropriate remediation exists.

CA customer David Rowley, chief technical architect at Fujitsu Services, said the product should allow his IT infrastructure management company to monitor its state of security with only one or two people.

"It's impossible to respond to [security] logs in real time if you look at them by hand and eye. [eTrust Security Command Center] is going to give us the capability to respond to events as they happen," said Rowley. "It's fundamental to this product that we can bundle [third-party security products] together into a single source."

eTrust Security Command Center features support for C Cure, CP, Cisco, Foundstone, IBM, McAfee AV, Microsoft File Replication Log, Microsoft IIS W3C, Microsoft NT Event Log, Netsus, Netscreen, Nortel Contivity, Snort, Symantec Anti-Virus and Trend Micro Anti-Virus.

Brian Fonseca writes for InfoWorld


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