Boots hopes planning software will boost profits

Boots the Chemists is rolling out space management software across the UK.

Boots the Chemists is rolling out space management software across the UK.

The Intactix suite of applications, from supplier JDA, makes it possible for users to distribute computerised floor plans over the internet.

The firm, which has more than 1,400 stores across the UK and Ireland, expects the implementation to enhance its customer offerings and simplify merchandising, said Tony Kemmer, director of organisation change at Boots.

"With this implementation, we want to enhance two specific processes - planning and execution," he said.

"In planning, we are hoping to provide a more profitable product set to match the individual needs of each store. We also want to improve the allocation of space and ensure a more enticing display of product by viewing the visual impact of range sets before we actually implement them at the store."

The implementation will also make changing stock presentation a far quicker process.

"While it takes several weeks to do a major rebuild, we believe that we can significantly reduce the time to implement accurate, localised product ranges by utilising JDA's Web Publisher to distribute planogram sets to our stores over the internet," Kemmer  said.

Before, Boots used a mix of proprietary software in combination with a third-party system

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