Nortel switches target innovative enterprises

Nortel Networks has released two switches targeting enterprises running distributed applications.

Nortel Networks has released two switches targeting enterprises running distributed applications.

The BayStack 5000 and the Passport 8300 were designed to meet the changing needs of enterprises, namely making the edge of the network more "intelligent" to accommodate adaptive applications and customers moving to a real-time enterprise.

"New applications like instant messaging, process automation, and IP telephony are driving efficiency," said Diane Schmidt, director of product marketing for Nortel's Ethernet switching division. "Older infrastructures were built for a client/server model with an emphasis on the core [of the network for intelligence]."

Citing the need for minimum latency when running peer-to-peer applications, Schmidt said that enterprises needed to build an adaptive Lan that can acclimatise to real-time requirements of adaptive applications.

The two versions of the BayStack 5510 (24 and 48 port version) were designed with an improved stacking architecture that permits the stackable units to communicate to each other bi-directionally.

The old architecture meant switches could only communicate with the switch immediately next to it. The benefit, explained Schmidt, is improved performance and less latency, as well as a redundant path in case of a malfunction of one of the switches.

Other improvements include better QoS support, security, and classification forwarding for certain types of applications.

The Passport 8300 is Nortel's modular option which also includes some routing capabilities and adopts many of the operating system pieces from the company's high-end Passport systems. The chassis today comes with four physical interface cards, and more options are on the way, said Nortel.

Scott Tyler Shafer writes for InfoWorld

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