PalmSource to create web service software with IBM and Novell

PalmSource has teamed up with IBM and Novell to create software for web services and promote wireless e-mail for Palm OS devices.

PalmSource has teamed up with IBM and Novell to create software for web services and promote wireless e-mail for Palm OS devices.

The operating system subsidiary of Palm revealed plans, along with IBM, to create a web services software stack for Palm OS handhelds so developers and Palm OS licensees can create applications that can access servers with a web services API (application programming interface), said Albert Chu, PalmSource's vice-president of business development.

PalmSource hopes that IT managers would choose handhelds with its operating system for their corporations if support for web services applications is included with every handheld. The companies are developing the software stack, and a finished product would not be available for some time, he said.

PalmSource also announced a deal with Novell to promote two third-party software applications for Palm OS handhelds in companies using Novell's Groupwise e-mail software and Zenworks device management software.

The companies will market Nexic's Synchronis application for wireless connectivity with Groupwise calendar and contacts features, and Notify Technology's NotifyLink wireless e-mail software, which is similar to Research in Motion's BlackBerry software.

The products from Notify and Nexic are currently available from either company for use with PalmOS devices and Novell's software, Chu said.

PalmSource is set to be spun off from Palm later this year, after Palm's proposed acquisition of Handspring closes.

Tom Krazit writes for IDG News Service

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