Compuware laces uniface with web services

Compuware has released details of the latest version of its Uniface development environment.

Compuware has released details of the latest version of its Uniface development environment.

Uniface 8.3 has support for web services, enhanced connectivity, and new interfaces for Windows XP.

Although the tools have supported XML for some time, the latest iteration adds support for other web services standards, such as Soap and UDDI, and follows Web Services Interoperability Organization guidelines in that support,said Adrian Gosbell, product manager for Uniface at Compuware.

In Uniface 8.3, Compuware also bolstered the product's connectivity capabilities. In addition to the interoperability that web services provides, the company added support for TAO (The Ace ORB), an open-source CORBA ORB.

The tool also features integration enhancements to the Oracle and SQL server databases.

Compuware has added support for a Windows XP GUI via new hyperlink and grid widgets and added enhancements to COM interfaces.

Uniface 8.3 is available immediately.

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