Suppliers boost corporate spam tools

E-mail security provider MX Logic and antispam software and service company Brightmail have both unveiled products which, they...

E-mail security provider MX Logic and antispam software and service company Brightmail have both unveiled products which, they claimed, would reduce the amount of spam flowing into companies' in-boxes.

MX Logic said it is now offering a Bayesian filtering service, which uses a statistical approach to classifying whether a piece of mail is spam, based on the message's content and properties.

Bayesian filtering has received much attention within the industry because it claims to be more accurate.

Industry pundits at a spam filtering conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) last month speculated that mass distribution of Bayesian filters could topple the spam business model by significantly diminishing spammers' response rates.

Brightmail's  Anti-Spam Enterprise Edition 4.5 uses false e-mail addresses as  "honeypots" to attract spam. The company claimed the software offered easier deployment, simplified rule retrieval, and is available on Linux as well as Windows and Solaris.

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