Tarantella signs pact with CodeWeavers

Tarantella announced a technology partnership with CodeWeavers yesterday in a bid to cash in on demand to run Windows...

Tarantella announced a technology partnership with CodeWeavers in a bid to cash in on demand to run Windows applications from Linux-based desktops.

Under the deal, the two companies plan to deliver an internet-optimised version of CrossOver Office Server Edition, which comes with a free single user licence, to users of Tarantella's Enterprise 3.

The CrossOver Server product allows users to run Windows-based desktop productivity applications in a thin-client environment run by Linux. The product does not require users to have a Microsoft operating system licence.

"We have always seen our mission as helping leverage Windows technology on Linux. We think this partnership lets us deliver a solution to new markets and to expand our customer base to include users who need access to Windows applications over the internet,'' said Jeremy White, CodeWeaver's founder and chief executive officer.

Executives from both companies hope the resulting products will come at a time when there is mounting resentment among some corporate users over Microsoft's volume-based licensing plan.

"Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Server licences typically cost hundreds of dollars per user. The CrossOver Office Edition, we think, allows for cost savings while eliminating the challenge of [Microsoft's] licensing procedures and also offers some freedom from having to manage Microsoft Terminal Server," said Guy Churchward, Tarantella's director of strategic alliances.

Version 3.3 of Tarantella's Enterprise 3 supports a range of Linux and Unix operating systems including AIX 5.1, Red Hat's Linux 8.0, SuSE Linux, and United Linux 1.0.

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