Veritas retools Windows backup software

Veritas Software's latest version of its Backup Exec software adds a variety of features to the product to store copies of data...

Veritas Software's latest version of its Backup Exec software adds a variety of features to the product to store copies of data used by Microsoft's Windows operating systems.

Veritas has the installation process for Backup Exec 9.0 speeded up and reduced the time it takes to restore lost information from either tape or disc drives, said Gary Bloom, chairman, chief executive officer and president of Veritas.

The latest version also has several features that tie into Microsoft's upcoming Windows Server 2003 operating system, which should make administration easier.

Backup Exec is one of Veritas' key data management products and a longtime money-maker for the company. The software makes copies of data being used by Windows-based servers and then helps administrators restore that information in the event of a failure. Computer Associates International, IBM and Legato Systems all make similar products.

Backup Exec 9.0 has a look and feel more similar to recent versions of Windows, which should make installation and management easier for administrators, said Mark Bregman, executive vice-president of product operations at Veritas.

"The user interface is more in tune with the way Windows has evolved," Bregman added. "That is both good and bad, because it's different than the old look and new to users, but we think customers will like it."

Veritas has also reduced the time it takes to restore data by improving the underlying code of Backup Exec and has added a snapshot tool that allows customers to restore their data from a disc. Customers previously had to restore information from tape, which usually is a more time-consuming process.

Veritas has also reduced the amount of space needed to store files in the latest software. A tool in the product makes it possible to store one image of an e-mail attachment, for example, instead of keeping copies of the same attachment for every single user within a company.

Veritas officials said the company is working to make the product easier to use and thus more attractive to small and medium-sized businesses. The Backup Exec product can be used to manage data on networks ranging in size from a couple of servers up to thousands.

Backup Exec 9.0 for Windows Server supports all Windows server operating systems and is available worldwide and prices start from $795 (£490).

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