WatchGuard enhances enterprise products

Network security appliance maker WatchGuard Technologies has announced the addition of disaster recovery and performance...

Network security appliance maker WatchGuard Technologies has announced the addition of disaster recovery and performance enhancing features for its enterprise and small office/home office (Soho) products.

In the company's Vclass enterprise product line, WatchGuard announced changes to the Firebox V60, V80 and V100 model security appliances.

According to WatchGuard, the V80 and V100 appliances will now include a High Availability Active/Active (HA A/A) option that enables both primary and backup appliances to be active and pass traffic at the same time, doubling network throughput for organisations that elect to go with an Active/Active configuration.

For customers using the V60, V80 and V100 models using the existing High Availability Active/Passive recovery configuration, WatchGuard has also added a so-called "transparent failover" feature that allows a primary and standby security appliance to transition seamlessly in the event that the active virtual private network (VPN) appliance fails or needs to be taken offline.

WatchGuard's Vclass devices offer both VPN and firewall features and are based on the company's Rapid Core application specific integrated circuit. The Vclass products range in price from $6,000 (£3,770) for the V10 to $25,000 for the two gigabit V100 model.

Customers who purchase two Firebox V80 or V100 models will receive the HA A/A upgrade free of charge. For all other customers, the upgrade will cost around $7,000 and will be available in December.

Enhanced security and disaster recovery is also the focus of software upgrades to WatchGuard's Soho 6 line of small office VPN and firewall products announced yesterday.

The Dual ISP Port Upgrade provides redundant Internet connection capabilities for Soho 6 models and is being marketed to small and medium-sized enterprises that wish to shore up unreliable Internet connections with a redundant broadband connection.

With the Dual ISP Port Upgrade, a Soho 6 device that has lost its Internet connection will automatically switch to a backup Internet connection such as digital subscriber line (DSL) or cable modem.

A second software upgrade, referred to as the VPNforce Port Upgrade, allows customers to restrict wireless access and VPN traffic to the "optional" port on the Soho 6 or 6tc model devices and forces wireless connections to use the WatchGuard Mobile User VPN client for authentication.

That client uses DES or 3DES encryption to protect data sent from remote clients and provides an additional measure of safety from attackers looking to exploit loose security on WAPs.

WatchGuard also announced that its Soho 6 appliances have been upgraded to support more clients that connect using the company's Mobile User VPN client and up to six Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) tunnels, making it possible to connect even more remote users and offices using WatchGuard's hardware and software.

WatchGuard is offering the Dual ISP Port Upgrade for $199 and the VPNforce Port Upgrade for $99. Both software upgrades will be available in December.

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