Microsoft readies Content Management Server 2002

Microsoft company executives has announced it will ship Content Management Server 2002 by the end of the year, adding new support...

Microsoft company executives has announced it will ship Content Management Server 2002 by the end of the year, adding new support for XML content management and Web services.

The follow-on to Microsoft's server software for managing content on the Internet and within intranets is designed around the .net Framework, Microsoft's products for building and running .net applications and services, according to Chris Ramsey, a product manager in Microsoft's .net Enterprise Server group.

One key addition to the software is its integration with Microsoft Word. Users will be able to author content in a Word document with text and graphics and publish that content directly to Content Management Server 2002. In such a case, users will have an option in the File menu in Word that brings up a wizard to help format and set parameters for publishing content to the Web.

Developers should also have an easier time developing applications around Content Management Server 2002 compared with the existing version of the product, Ramsey said. Microsoft has integrated many of the development tools for the server software into the Visual Studio .net development environment.

Some customers have already started to roll out production intranets and Web sites using test versions of the software released in July, Microsoft said. JetBlue Airways is running its corporate portal on Content Management Server 2002. Volvo and Ford are also upgrading their consumer Web sites with the software, according to Microsoft.

The product plans for Content Management Server 2002 will be among several announcements from the software maker at its annual Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC), taking place in California this week.

Paul Flessner, senior vice-president of Microsoft's .net server team, will deliver a keynote detailing new features in Content Management Server 2002, as well as other products in the company's line of enterprise server software.

Microsoft has already said that it will release details of the next version of its Exchange server software, codenamed Titanium at MEC. More news is also expected in regards to Microsoft Windows .net Server 2003, which is due to reach customers early next year.

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