SAP suite aims to boost company productivity

SAP claims its latest productivity management application will help users share pertinent data rapidly, boost productivity,...

SAP claims its latest productivity management application will help users share pertinent data rapidly, boost productivity, simplify collaborative processes and deliver a quick return on investment.

The German manufacturer of enterprise business applications yesterday announced its Employee Productivity Suite. It integrates a number of self-service management and productivity enhancement functions into one offering for use across a company.

Using a browser, anyone can rapidly access role-based views of data from across different applications and processes, so that employees can synchronise their activities with general business goals, speed up decision making and make their time more profitable.

Sami Hero, a vice-president of product marketing at SAP, said the biggest hindrance to employee productivity is that job descriptions or memos have no connection with day-to-day business goals. Now workers can log on to the Employee Productivity Suite and the first page tells them what is critical to complete for that day to meet their personal goals.

Different users are assigned the roles most appropriate for them. For instance, a company executive can get a high-level view of operations in his company and develop strategy, or monitor projects and manage training, benefits and commissions. Field service managers can rely on the suite to check service orders and organise work schedules.

Although SAP has already enabled employee management through its human resource and financial business information systems, the Employee Productivity Suite offers customers a relatively simple to install, standalone product.

The product also draws on existing SAP technology such as mySAP Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Portal applications.

Rival PeopleSoft already offers a line of "human capital management" products, which can measure employee productivity and help ensure employees in a global, distributed workforce adhere to company goals and processes.

Pricing for the SAP Employee Productivity Suite has not yet been disclosed.

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