Sybase and Sun partner on data management offering

Sybase and Sun Microsystems have teamed up on a system for data-intensive, small and midsized businesses that need...

Sybase and Sun Microsystems have teamed up on a system for data-intensive, small and midsized businesses that need industrial-strength data processing power without the high-end price tag.

The vendors' iForce Solution for Economical Data Management is designed to bring enterprise-strength data management, analytical functionality, and disaster recovery functionality at PC server prices. It is based upon Sybase's Adaptive Server IQ Multiplex enterprise analytical engine and Sun Fire V480 and V880 servers from Sun.

"It brings that high-end capability into the lower-priced servers so that it provides very strong industrial-strength capability at PC prices," said Jay Halloran, business development manager for volume systems products at Sun.

The companies intend the combination to be used by companies with between $100m (£66m) and $500m (£329m) annual revenue and also by ASPs.

Pricing starts at $70,000 (£46,088) including hardware and software.

Processing power is delivered by combining Sybase's data compression and indexing technologies and Sun's latest Sun Fire servers, which are powered by 64-bit 900 MHz UltraSparc III processors, Sun Fire Plane Interconnect technology, and expanded memory capacity.

Deborah Harrington, general manager worldwide IQ operations for Sybase business intelligence, said the offering is targeting a market that IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft have tried unsuccessfully to tap.

"When you look at the capability [from competing solutions]... by the time you're at a reasonably low entry price, you have a fairly limited number of users than can use the system and the amount of data it can handle is really quite small," she said. implemented a similar Sybase-Sun solution to provide transactional efficiencies for both buyers and sellers. Sybase's IQ Multiplex enterprise analytics engine, combined with Sun Fire V880 servers, enables the company to manage more than 15 million customer data sets in a flexible data warehouse that is capable of processing continuous, multiple ad-hoc queries from participating merchants.

Sun and Sybase have created a solution that packs a large amount of data processing and analytical power into a small space, making it a realistic investment for small and midsized businesses, said Henri Asseily, chief technology officer and founder of

Sybase's tight architectural integration with Sun technology provides with the assurance the technology foundation of the data warehouse will scale to meet future needs, he added.

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