Courion delivers new-look AccountCourier

Security software vendor Courion has introduced an upgraded version of its automated account provisioning and user ID management...

Security software vendor Courion has introduced an upgraded version of its automated account provisioning and user ID management product.

AccountCourier 2.0 features Rapid Development Toolkit to build connectors for third party systems, customised in-house applications, or Web portals using Java, XML, Perl, and C++, according to Tom Rose, vice-president of product marketing at Courion.

Also, new provisioning connectors supporting Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Hewlett-Packard Unix, Sun Microsystems Solaris, OS /390 ACF2, RSA ClearTrust, Netegrity SiteMinder, and Oblix Netpoint platforms have been introduced, said Rose.

Rose said customers are showing reluctance to embrace the Microsoft Passport "clearinghouse" ID management message that the software giant is promoting to tie into its Microsoft .net Web services platform.

"The feedback we hear from managing internal applications [is that] nobody wants to allow Microsoft to have all internal applications Passport-enabled," said Rose. "Customers want to have control over authoritative users of internal data. We're tying into whatever data stores you have."

To access those existing data stores, Rose said AccountCourier 2.0 offers Dynamic Communities, which defines personalised lists of users, roles, and resources for provisioning that can be connected to multiple existing ID stores such as Microsoft Active Directory, PeopleSoft, and Oracle, without centralisation.

Other AccountCourier additions include Adaptive Workflows for policy automation, Human Resources Connectivity, Service Desk integration, Policy Publisher, and User Modelling to create new user accounts through cloning procedures to shorten provision cycles.

The volume of enterprise user accounts and distributed applications is creating an inescapable "vortex," forcing customers to seek ways to cut costs while automating security and efficiency, said Pete Lindstrom, senior security strategies analyst at the Hurwitz Group.

"It's unclear to me how anyone does not have or is not looking to purchase some form of ID solution that gives you two primary components: policy-based workflow and provisioning of accounts and follow-on attributes," said Lindstorm. "Things are so bad in today's enterprise [customers] don't know how to pull themselves out."

Waveset, Courion, Access360, and Business Layers are but a handful of account provisioning players attempting to solve that dilemma, he said.

Hurwitz said Courion's history as a strong password reset and synchronisation player will leverage its existing install base that has already collected data useful for account provisioning on the backend.

AccountCourier 2.0 will be available in July. Pricing is based on the number of supported users within an enterprise and starts at $30 (£20) per user.

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