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The channel can push a new generation of flat-screen displays with the Neovo range of LCD displays from GBI, styled to be equally...

The channel can push a new generation of flat-screen displays with the Neovo range of LCD displays from GBI, styled to be equally at home on the desk or wall.

The channel can push a new generation of flat-screen displays with the Neovo range of LCD displays from GBI, styled to be equally at home on the desk or wall.

There is a range of models from 15in to 18in, all with visible screen sizes much larger than their CRT equivalents. A TV tuner option turns the flat screen into an ultra-slim full function TV - ideal for video displays in receptions and exhibitions - and there is also a wireless option.

Interactive touch screens are available for fingertip control. Others offer built-in speakers and a USB hub for direct plug-and-play connection to laptop PCs, as well as peripherals such as printer, mouse and keyboards. Wall mounting brackets are also available.

Iomega's style Predator
Iomega is shipping its newly-styled Predator USB2.0 CD-RW into the UK channel.

The Predator 24x is a faster and more robust addition to the Predator family of products. These enable users to create, save and share music, video, images and other data with the USB 2.0 connection at transfer speeds of 480Mbps or 40 times USB 1.1 per second.

The unit includes an introductory offer of a USB 2.0 card, as well as Iomega's HotBurn software. The Predator 24x drive is compatible with most PC platforms, including Windows XP, and is available at a recommended retail price of £249. Available through CMS Peripherals and C2000.

Self-install ADSL
Westell Limited is unveiling its channel offering of ADSL products, claiming to provide substantial revenue generation opportunities for resellers.

With the arrival of a wires-only, self-install ADSL service, clients can now choose their own ADSL modems from their own suppliers.

Westell's technology has been deployed throughout BT's ADSL network and the company has shipped 1.5 million ADSL modems worldwide to date. Westell marketing manager Toni Fabbricini said: "The availability of self-install ADSL by service providers is a watershed in the development of broadband Britain. No longer are customers tied to service providers' choice of equipment vendor and product bundling. This opens up the market to the reseller community, enabling them to get on the broadband bandwagon."

As part of the launch of the reseller strategy, the WireSpeed 36R570, designed specifically for the self-install market, is being offered to resellers at a reduced price. The 36R570 requires only one IP address to serve multiple users on the LAN, reducing costs and resulting in a more secure network connection for customers, according to Westell.

IP back-up solution
As trading institutions begin to question the financial security of their current telecom providers, they are increasingly looking for alternative back-up solutions that can either exist in standby, or be rolled out swiftly.

Purple Voice is deploying four-wire tie lines to provide 'shout down' circuits and connections to open conference lines using Voice over IP. Purple's private wire emulation (PWE) software interfaces with traditional voice hardware solutions to route voice over the existing data network.

If used to replace private wires, it is estimated that firms can save up to 80 per cent by eliminating line charges, set-up fees and associated hardware costs. Voice packets are only generated when someone speaks - typically less than five per cent of the time on a tie line. As an IP solution, this allows dormant bandwidth to be available for other applications, fundamentally resulting in a more efficient network.

"With the inherent flexibility and scalability of IP, PWE is an ideal back-up solution to the existing communication infrastructure," claimed Purple CEO Neil Gray.

Stored in a flash
VTEC Industry Europe has launched a new USB flash drive, the V-Drive, intended to make data storage and transportation so simple that other forms of removable data storage devices will become obsolete.

VTEC is offering V-Drive to its existing OEMs, system integrators and channel partners, but is looking to appoint additional partners for the UK market. V-Drive is a small, durable storage device that can be taken anywhere, fits into your top pocket and offers storage capacities from 32Mb to 1Gb. It can be write protected to ensure that data is not inadvertently erased or overwritten and uses NAND flash memory storage media to provide data retention for at least ten years.

It plugs into the USB port and is automatically recognised as a removable drive, allowing files to be transferred with the standard drop-and-drag routine at high speed - read at 920Kbps and write at 600Kbps.

Slick Swyx IP suite
Swyx Communications has announced extended functionality for its IP telephony solutions aimed at SMEs. Key new features include call routing, fax options, digitised voice recording and application sharing. SwyxWare version 3.20 is suited to firms that plan to replace or upgrade their current PBX-based telephony.

With the product's contact management functions, the one click application sharing feature means that in a call centre environment, agents can transfer their desktop to another agent or department in order to process a client request.

The digitised voice recording will also prove useful for call centre applications and can be set for manual or automatic operation. A Linux compatible version is also now available.

Different SOX
Australian manufacturer Tennyson Technologies is making a play for the UK IP telephony space, pushing its Smart Office Xchange (SOX) CTI system through Surbiton-base distributor Ipereon.

While SOX addresses the same SME sector as the likes of Mitel, Avaya and 3Com, the system boasts significant differences. Says Ipereon director Larry Linin: "While the usual suspects are designed around IP to the desk, ours uses existing circuit switched telephony."

Another differentiator is that users can retain their POTs and need not buy in expensive IP handsets. The voice and data integration is handled by Tennyson's virtual phone software.

This the only sub-100 extension GUI to be accredited by Microsoft and SOX takes the core telephony control to the desktop.Principal resellers look to get 35 per cent margins, but require at least two technically-trained staff to be able to support the system. The four day Ipereon SOX training courses run at £495.

Connector of choice
Teradyne Connection Systems' GbX connector offers an upgrade path beyond existing 2mm platforms and is claimed to deliver the highest level of density available today. GbX balances mechanical robustness and higher signal integrity to deliver an effective 10Gbps Ethernet interconnect, especially where high density is required, with less than two per cent cross-talk.

"As existing 2mm connector platforms run out of steam, OEM designers will be looking for the best balance between mechanical packaging and signal integrity," said Peter Traver, GbX project leader, adding that the GbX makes the right trade-offs and ends up as the optimum high-performance, low risk solution.

Simplified convergence
Voice and data network provider Avaya has rolled out its INDeX management console, the IMC, a Windows-based software tool that provides IT and communications managers with a simple interface to centrally manage their network.

It's best suited to network areas that require regular attention, such as user numbering, call distribution groups and system speed-dial numbers. This follows Avaya research among SME customers which indicated that IT and communications managers wished to manage switching platforms and networks, including voice applications, from a single point.

The IMC offers this single point configuration, as multiple, disparate locations appear as one entity, giving a simple overview of the network. The IMC integrated wizard makes adding new users and speed-dials a simple process, with the console automatically popping up an appropriate directory.

For more complex configuration, users can highlight the INDeX site name that requires database changes and launch a Telnet session, providing access to every area of configuration. The console integrates help files providing guidance to new users.

Simple management
Resellers can now offer the ability to view network operations and bandwidth usage simultaneously in real-time, ensuring that network resources are efficiently allocated in line with business needs.

Netwatch - the latest innovation from Crannog Software - makes understanding the network no longer the exclusive domain of the IT manager and opens the VAR sale to new decision makers. It focuses on simplicity, from initial set-up to ongoing usage and support. Infinitely scalable, the software can be adjusted to fit existing management systems, integrating disparate hardware and software systems and managing them as a single entity. With 30 per cent margins on offer, the company's incentive programme takes the winning reseller to the Monaco Grand Prix for four days in 2003 and offers quarterly rewards to those in pole position.

Fujitsu adds SME value
Fujitsu Siemens Computers has placed its Intel 4-based Econel20 PRIMERGY server within the new Value4You programme for SMEs.

Econel20 is available for entry-level configurations for £577 (excluding VAT). The programme, meanwhile, aims to make the latest PC and server technology available to SME-supporting VARs.Value4You is an integrated drive that combines a simplified product portfolio, marketing support, sale support, sales promotion and services. Apart from servers, the programme also offers the latest LifeBook notebooks and SCENIC desktop PC systems.

Gateway to SOHO
Advantech has introduced two new gateways to address small and home office (SOHO) users.

The EH-2100 is a broadband gateway and the EH-2101 is a broadband wireless gateway, enabling remote users to dial in and access LAN resources. Both form a communications bridge to WANs for home and office networks, allowing the wired and wireless network to share the broadband transmission. The EH-2100 achieves this through the cable modem. The EH-2101 uses an ISDN TA/PSTN modem, either through its IEEE 802.11b wireless access point or the wired Ethernet 4-port switch.

Network address translation (NAT) security masks IP addresses of local users and a firewall monitors incoming data packets.

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