SelectAccess 5.0 to ship with SAML

Baltimore Technologies will announce version 5.0 of its SelectAccess Web access management product on Monday (29 April).

Baltimore Technologies will announce version 5.0 of its SelectAccess Web access management product on Monday (29 April).

The new release includes easier configuration, better reporting and support for the SAML (Security Assertions Mark-Up Language) standard.

The addition of SAML to the product is perhaps the most important new feature in version 5.0. SAML is an emerging Web standard that should allow different Web access management products to interoperate and exchange security, authentication and permission information about users.

SelectAccess manages authentication of users and their access to resources and data by making use of SelectAccess components on Web and application servers and by hooking in to directories, said Joyce Fai, vice-president of the authentication solutions group at the company. When a user requests access to data or resources, that request is intercepted by the SelectAccess components residing on the Web or application server and forwarded on to the SelectAccess server, which then checks the user's permissions and access level in a directory, she said. If the user is entitled to the resources requested, they are granted access.

Version 5.0 of SelectAccess simplifies the process of adding new users and components to a system, allows user information to be drawn from different directories simultaneously, offers deeper reporting and alerting options and adds support for the authentication of wireless users, she said.

The new version of the software allows administrators to more easily and quickly deploy new SelectAccess components by storing configuration details in an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory, she said. That configuration data can then be automatically applied to new components - such as servers and directories - as they are added to a network, speeding installation of the new component. The new feature also cuts down on the time needed to upgrade configurations, as the new configuration can be created once and then published to all affected components, she said.

SelectAccess 5.0 also allows information about users and policies to be extracted from different LDAP directories at the same time, according to Fai. This feature is needed as companies may use separate directories for different groups of users, she said.

The new software also offers administrators more detailed and searchable reports, allowing them to be viewed by date, server, user, administrator and other criteria, she said.

Administrators can also be notified of events in SelectAccess in more ways in version 5.0, with SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and pager forwarding options, Fai said. Alerts can also be sent to trigger other events, rather than immediately alerting an administrator.

Users of WAP devices are also supported in SelectAccess 5.0, she said.

Baltimore SelectAccess 5.0 costs from $20 (£14) per user and will be available worldwide on 29 April.

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