CA prepares the ground for CleverPath 4.0

Computer Associates International will continue its campaign to meld Web services into the future of IT systems management,...

Computer Associates International will continue its campaign to meld Web services into the future of IT systems management, spearheaded by cross-product line integration enhancements to its CleverPath portal, the company announced at its CA World conference this week.

The announcements build on plans CA revealed in November 2001 to consolidate its entire product range under six headings - systems management, storage, security, application development life cycle, data management and portals.

A key component is a thin layer of integration software, called Common Services, which ties together these product streams. Common Services is comprised of CA's Advantage integration server, and contains discovery, event management, messaging, and common communication interface, an underlying agent technology infrastructure and common object repository features.

"CleverPath 4.0 will consume Web services automatically. This portal will represent Web services [for CA and its customers]," said Yogesh Gupta, CA's chief technology officer.

"You point [CleverPath 4.0] to the URL of a Web service and it automatically generates a portal, and you have a complete user interface for [managing] Web services."

CleverPath also features wireless infrastructure support, giving IT executives the ability to tweak a Web service, publish it to a customised portal via a handheld device, and deploy it, Gupta added.

Meanwhile, CA will also announce at the show its plans to transform the gamut of its business intelligence solutions, including Neugents, into a Web services personalisation engine to be delivered for Microsoft .Net and J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) environments.

CA's application lifecycle brand, AllFusion, will also fit into this plan, serving as the product line to model and build Web services for customers step by step.

The company will also include wireless infrastructure support for the Unicenter network management platform.

Sanjay Kumar, CA president and chief operating officer, said that the portal push includes the creation of integrated standalone storage and security Web portals to be introduced at CA World.

CA will meld its eTrust security and BrightStor storage management offering with third-party vendor solutions and Web services.

The BrightStor portal will address storage resource utilisation and optimisation management to help stabilise complex SANs (storage area networks), third-party equipment, and data backup.

"Customers today are focused on managing storage in bits and pieces and, I think, they're tired of that," Kumar said. "The slowdown in the economy has forced customers to look at spending and has forced more integration out of the box."

Kumar said management software must be able to learn more about an environment automatically, yet exist in smaller chunks to deploy..

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