Genesys readies contact centre software

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories plans to formally announce Contact Navigator 6.5 in March.

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories plans to formally announce Contact Navigator 6.5 in March. 

The latest version of the contact centre software will provide a multi-channel graphical interface for managing customer interactions that utilise a company's products.

The desktop application, downloadable from a server, will enable, a contact centre agent to work with an inquiry via an e-mail or chat client, depending on the channel used by the customer.

Version 6.5, which ships in March, differs from previous versions in that it provides an outbound solution for managing telemarketing contacts as well as campaign management. Also, the product requires no customisation, unlike previous iterations, according to the company.

"What we found is half our customer base didn't want to spend the time customising the desktop," said Laura Haggerty, director of Internet applications and product management at Genesys. "They wanted an out-of-the-box application."

Contact Navigator 6.5 works with the Genesys suite of products for managing customer interactions through circuit-switched, data, and IP networks.

Genesys Gplus adapters enable integration with third-party CRM platforms such as Siebel. Minimal customisation is needed to integrate with existing enterprise systems, according to the company.

Statistics on agent performance, first call resolution and time to resolution, along with a history of each customer's interactions, is provided to agents and supervisors through Contact Navigator 6.5

A thin-client, Java-based version of Contact Navigator, which will reside on a server but be accessible via a browser to reduce the demand for desktop processing, is expected in June.

Contact Navigator 6.5 costs $500 (£350) per seat.

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