Ten reasons to visit E-business Expo

IT directors and managers cannot afford to miss E-business Expo 2001 at Earls Court 2, London, from 27 to 29 November.

IT directors and managers cannot afford to miss E-business Expo 2001 at Earls Court 2, London, from 27 to 29 November.

As well as being the UK's premier e-business exhibition featuring the world's leading IT companies, it hosts a comprehensive seminar programme featuring more than 130 sessions. Whatever the size of your organisation, E-business Expo provides the chance to learn from those who have succeeded. Here are just 10 reasons why you should be there.

IT strategy workshops
Popular demand has led to the instigation of a seminar stream specifically for IT directors and managers. Find out what IT directors from 500 leading companies are spending their money on, and why. Visit the XML briefing, and seminars on managing change.

Five steps to e-business success
The DTI, CBI, Information Age Partnership and the UK's top IT companies will come together to present the essential guide to e-business success. The seminars - which build on the activities and e-business initiatives that were introduced during E-business Week in October are divided into different steps to ensure that the advice can be targeted to different audiences. These create a complete guide relevant to businesses of all sizes covering both technical and business angles.

Industry economic forecasts
None of us can tell the future with complete certainty but you will have the chance to access the best predictions available, having your questions answered by a panel of top forecasters and market researchers live at the show.

Share your success stories
There is still time to take part in the e-survivor survey where you can win a top wireless device. The survey results will be discussed at the show, highlighting the true state of the e-business economy today. A benchmarking presentation will examine how different countries are fairing and e-survivor success stories will show how business benefits and cost savings have been achieved.


Supply chain integration workshops
A top consultancy will run a series of interactive workshops exploring the value and success stories through case study examples and best practice in supply chain management.

Policies update
This series of seminars covers intellectual property, e-crime - prevention and protection, e-money and security issues, data protection, contract law and consumer issues on the Web. For example, did you know that you could be breaking the law in Germany by promoting two-for-one offers?

Stay on top of new technology
The new technology focus is aimed at business managers and will update you on new technology in layman's terms. It cuts through the jargon and demonstrates the business benefits that e-business can deliver, in a language that business understands.

Meet the winners
Winners of Computer Weekly's E-Business Excellence Awards will present case studies exclusively at the show, and there will be a follow up feature on last year's winners to find out where they are now.

Get the low-down on m-commerce
M-business Expo runs alongside E-business Expo and focuses on the business benefits of wireless and mobile working.

The exhibition and seminar programme covers m-commerce, GPRS, mobile e-customer relationship management, remote Internet and intranet document access, navigation/positioning GPS, palmtops, laptops and handsets, mobile network service provision and network airtime.

It's free for the exhibitions and seminars

To pre-register, visit the Web sites at www.ebizexpo.com and www.mbusiness.co.uk or call 020-8910 7931.

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