Gosling slams SOAP protocol

The father of Java has slammed Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), the emerging standard for Web services, as "semi-chaotic".

The father of Java has slammed Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), the emerging standard for Web services, as "semi-chaotic".

Speaking at the SIGS Conference for Java Development, James Gosling, vice-president and fellow at Sun Microsystems, attempted to deflate the popularity of Web services protocols such as SOAP and UDDI.

"[Web services] is really all about exposing the services that people have already been building, exposing them to people who perhaps may use them in unplanned ways," he said.

Gosling claimed the most interesting issue facing developers is how they will cater for the "semi-chaotic soup" of different devices, such as wireless handhelds, that are emerging to access Web services,.

"The killer app in this Web services world is synergy," he said. A "dream example" of synergy would be a health care system where patient information and test results were entered into a system only once, he said.

Looking down the development road, Gosling said in a world where standard XML schemas offer true application integration, talk about Web services will move from the infrastructure layer to applications. In the Java world, he predicted, we will see advances in the platforms supporting applications for desktops, embedded systems, real-time Java, wireless, smart cards, and even games.

"The big story is the end-to-end, side-to-side integration of technology. From the developer's point of view, this is the way to think about this evolution." he said. A market, not a product. That's what Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is all about, Gosling argued.

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