All roads lead to Stratford-Upon-Avon

The CUA has released details of an e-business programme for iSeries/400 specialists.

The CUA has released details of an e-business programme for iSeries/400 specialists.

In conjunction with IBM, the CUA is to stage the first iSeries Symposium to be staged by Common UK, the CUA division which caters to the needs of iSeries users.

This is a significant event which will take the theme of 'Getting it Right with iSeries in the E- Business World'.

It is due to take place on December 3 and 4 at the Stratford-upon-Avon Moat House Hotel. The content of the Symposium is targeted at iSeries technicians and decision makers. It is intended to appeal to existing iSeries customers and IBM Business Partner iSeries prospects, enabling them to find out more about IBM's recent announcements concerning updates and improvements in functionality.

Although primarily intended to address e-business issues, this event will also include a number of strategic, platform independent presentations which all delegates will find valuable, irrespective of their interest in e-business. The agenda is to be multi-streamed so that delegates can choose to attend the sessions they think will give them most benefit.

Best speakers
The organisers have issued a national call for papers to ensure that the event's sessions will cover the topics they want to hear about, and that the widest selection of the best speakers have the opportunity to offer their services.

Several high-calibre speakers have already committed to present at this event. One of these is Frank Soltis, who is often referred to as the 'father' of the System/38 and AS/400, now branded the iSeries. Soltis is renowned for his in-depth knowledge of IBM mid range technology which extends to its future development and functional evolution.

Jessong Johng, a highly respected speaker who is based at IBM's Rochester labs, has also agreed to take part, presenting several sessions to guide delegates through the e-business maze. Johng will focus on the business view and benefits of e-business coupled as well as relevant technical information, so that both the mid range technician and manager can fully understand the range of options open to them. He will also compare the features of Domino and WebSphere and the iSeries opportunities that are available for these applications.

Sessions by other speakers will cover eServer developments, and the practical aspects of operational service delivery, storage solutions and future directions. A number of practical presentations will also be held by organisations which have recently embarked on an e- business strategy, who will share both the best and the worst of their experiences.

An exhibition will be held during the Symposium. The revenue earned has enabled the organisers to subsidise delegate fees, making the event as cost-effective as possible for attendees.

November's CUA briefing is titled 'Service Levels and Quality in a Multi-vendor Environment'. Currently in the planning stages, further details will become available later this month.

September's briefing was organised jointly between the CUA and Guide Share Europe (GSE) and briefed senior executives on e-commerce, to help them understand the risks and benefits associated in implementing an e-business strategy. Featured presenters were from IBM and Labour MP, Brian White was a special guest speaker.

Diary Dates

November Briefing
Service Levels and Quality in a Multi-vendor Environment, November 14

December Briefing
Common UK Technical Education Day, December 5

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