Psion offers Windows from mobiles

Psion has announced the first implementation of Citrix's Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) on the Symbian platform, which...

Psion has announced the first implementation of Citrix's Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) on the Symbian platform, which will enable users to access Windows applications from mobile devices, writes Caroline Davis

Symbian and Psion are using ICA to extend the reach of enterprise applications such as ERP, customer resource management and standard office applications beyond the desktop, eliminating the need to synchronise data between multiple devices.

Citrix is hoping that ICA will become an industry standard for server-based computing. It aims to deliver Windows software from whichever hardware, operating system or network connection is being used.

Mobile workers have traditionally had to download information onto their mobile devices in order to work "on the road" and then synchronise the information when they return to the office.

Mini versions of certain applications such as Oracle Lite are available for mobile devices. But the most efficient method for providing data on the road is to link the mobile device directly to the office productivity or back-end application.

"Because ICA gives access to any of today's standard enterprise applications, every type of business can now bring their mobile staff into the e-business fold," said Claes Bergstedt, commercial director for Psion Enterprise Computing.

Citrix introduced the ICA thin-client technology in 1995. On the desktop users see the application interface, but all processing is executed on the server. The ICA network protocol picks up keystrokes and mouse clicks from the client and transmits them using standard protocols, returning screen updates from the server.

  • Psion also showcased an integrated "pop-out" antenna design for wireless connectivity from its mobile data communications arm, Psion Dacom. The aerial could appear in future wireless devices based on Bluetooth technology.
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