Tyre pressure firm pumped for Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation project

Schrader Electronics spends €575,000 on Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation project; plus more news in brief.

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Tyre pressure firm pumped for Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation project
Schrader Electronics has decided to spend €575,000 on a Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation project. Schrader, which makes tyre pressure sensors, is headquartered in Antrim, Ireland, and has another site in Carrickfergus, Ireland. The company said it saw a spike in sales when sensors became compulsory in US cars in 2007, and it anticipates another spike in 2014, when the same law is rolled out across Europe. The company said it wants to expand its IT infrastructure in advance to cope with the increase in demand. BT Ireland will implement the project for the company, using Microsoft Hyper-V to virtualise the firm’s data centre. This will include the consolidation of 100 servers to eight physical machines, all supported by HP storage. Schrader will also undergo a Cisco network upgrade, Web-based security, and 65 new PCs.

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Spike in virtual servers, says Forrester
Using virtual servers for production environments has increased in popularity over the past year, according to analyst Forrester Research Inc. A survey by the research house found 91% of respondents use server virtualisation for production workloads, up from 78% last year. Forrester analyst Andrew Reichman said the results show that the virtualisation market has matured.

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VMware claims “mass movement” towards cloud hosting services
VMware has claimed that in 2011, there will be a “mass movement” towards cloud hosted services in the UK and abroad. Speaking on behalf of VMware, Chris Norton said the technology will shift from “topical” to “necessity” in the coming months.

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VMware releases vSphere Client for iPad
VMware has released its vSphere Client for the iPad so IT staff can monitor and manage their virtualised infrastructure. The application doesn’t come with all the management features currently available on the desktop client. VMware Client for iPad is free. It can be used to search for and monitor the performance of vSphere hosts and virtual machines.

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Verizon pulls plug on New York data centre
Verizon has decided to pull the plug on plans to build a $4 billion data centre in New York state, according to DataCentreKnowledge.com. The company announced its change of plan after facing problems with a lawsuit from a local resident as well as delays in acquiring land. The Wall Street Journal reported that the land owner’s lawyer, Arthur Giacalone, said Verizon used the lawsuit as an excuse to back out of New York.

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