VNX marketing adopts acid tone

EMC seems to have used guerilla marketing to mark its product launch.

EMC's new VNX range was launched today with a bold event that we are reliably informed included stunt motorcycle riders jumping storage arrays.

But there's other marketing activity going on. SearchStorage ANZ has been sent an image by a NetApp employee, who says it is an acid etching on footpaths at its 495 East Java Drive, Sunnyvale, headquarters. The employee alleges the photograph depicts NetApp property, meaning whoever made the etching trespassed!

EXIF metadata that might have confirmed the location of the photograph did not survive the email transmission process, but this is not the first time EMC has gone for this kind of tactic.

We don't expect lawsuits or any kind of CSI-style investigation to follow, but the fact NetApp people wanted to point this out seems an eloquent statement.

Let us know what you think of this kind of guerilla marketing by emailing the editor.

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