Symantec Australia leaves its NAS offshore for now

Symantec has launched a new range of storage appliances, but isn’t bringing all of them to Australia ... yet, so it can concentrate on taking on the data deduplication market pioneered by Data Domain.

Symantec has launched a new range of storage appliances, including a substantial network attached storage (NAS) device, the FileStore N8300. The new device is manufactured by Chinese company Huawei as part of its joint venture with Symantec, can scale to two petabytes per cluster.

But the device won’t be sold in Australia for the foreseeable future, according to Craig Scroggie, Symantec’s Australian Vice President and Managing Director.

“Right now we’ll stick to our knitting,” Scroggie told SearchStorage ANZ. “If local customers want it, I am happy to go into that business. I could bring them in and ship them today.”

The company will do just that for its two other new appliances, the NetBackup 5200 and 5020. The former ships with NetBackup and is intended as a backup appliance. The latter includes Symantec’s data deduplication appliance, and Scroggie said “EMC Data Domain is an obvious competitor.”

Scroggie expects Symantec’s local channel will see things the same way, and will appreciate the chance to offer their customers the choice of Symantec software shipped in conventional form or as an appliance.

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