Free outsourcing management templates for Indian organizations

IT outsourcing management can be a tough act to master. So here are some free templates to make your life easier on this front.

Are you looking for best practices to streamline your IT outsourcing management? Cracking down the right outsourcing contract is critical on this front, as it contributes to the annual IT budget.

On this front, various aspects like the right request for proposal (RFP), tight service level agreements (SLAs) and vendor negotiations form a crucial part of outsourcing management contracts. In this extensive guide, we collate free outsourcing management templates that cover a wide range of agreements recommended by experts and professional associations. Join us on this trip to make your outsourcing contracts easier through these ready-to-use templates.

Free IT outsourcing management templates: SLAs, RFPs and more

In this collation, our experts provide you with samples of IT outsourcing management templates helpful for planning sourcing strategies. Find SLA templates, RFP templates offered by professional associations, vendors and publishers. These step-by-step management approaches can prove critical while striking an outsourcing deal.  Do try out these templates to make your processes easier.

Negotiations with outsourcing vendors: Things to consider

Vendor negotiations have become a common outsourcing management practice post-recession. But paradoxically, such renegotiations with outsourcing vendors leave a lot of room for costly mistakes. It can further lead to signing bad deals that are not sustainable. Hence, a careful approach while signing an outsourcing deal will definitely help in the long run. Here are some outsourcing management tips for better negotiations.  

A data center hosting and management outsourcing checklist

Several factors have to be considered while finalizing an outsourcing deal for data center management. It’s essential to ensure that associated services like management of bandwidth, network infrastructure, server space and storage space are well taken care of. The CIO of LG India shares his mantras for outsourced management of his data center in this article. We present a close look at his extensive outsourcing management checklist.

Tips for negotiating a managed services contract - anatomy of an RFP

Are you ready for the best ways to prepare a request for proposal (RFP)? The purpose of an RFP is to provide detailed information for suppliers about requirements discussing an implementation and possible budget limitations. Since we are focusing on IT managed services, there must be an in-depth technical requirements section in the RFP. In this tip we detail the right outsourcing management ingredients that should go into a perfect RFP.

Business continuity and disaster recovery outsourcing tutorial

Outsourcing business continuity and disaster recovery may help you save some money from your annual IT budget, but it also brings in some disadvantages. Hence one has to be very careful before investing in these aspects. This part of our tutorial covers different aspects of BC/DR outsourcing management, as well as a checklist.

Call center outsourcing SLA template

Are you planning to outsource your call center operations and are stuck while framing the SLA? Join experts from the industry as they advice you on how to frame the perfect SLA that benefits both – customers and outsourcers.  We have a brief template that can be used as a service-level agreement.

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