PODCAST: How to budget for virtualization

Learn how to virtualize without spending too much in this podcast with analyst Laura DiDdio.

CIO podcastsDESCRIPTION: The benefits of virtualization include better manageability of IT infrastructure and cost reduction. However, midmarket CIOs are still having to spend a substantial amount of money upfront on new hardware -- including memory, basic power upgrades (BPUs) and new servers -- to reap those benefits. In this podcast, learn about the best ways to budget for virtualization so you can get in on the cost-cutting benefits sooner rather than later.

In this podcast, SearchCIO-Midmarket Executive Editor Karen Guglielmo interviews industry analyst and consultant Laura DiDio about ways midmarket companies can make smarter decisions when it comes to spending and budgeting for virtualization solutions. She offers tips on how to cut costs and renegotiate your virtualization contracts.

SPEAKER'S BIOGRAPHY: Laura DiDio is a high-tech industry analyst and consultant, a professional writer and a former reporter. She is also principal at Information Technology Intelligence Corp., a company she founded. Prior to this role, DiDio spent more than six years at Yankee Group, a Boston consultancy, where she held the title of research fellow. She has expertise in a wide range of topics, including virtualization, desktops, server operating systems, OS security, hardware and business intelligence.

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Budgeting for virtualization solutions
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