Sectors - EMC accuses rivals of virtualisation snowjob

This week's roundup of the storage blogosphere finds EMC accusing everyone else of offering 'Frankenstorage' when they try to virtualise. But the monster fights back ...

Last week, NetApp decided to take on EMC in a testy blog post canning the Centera. This week, we’ve spotted an EMC blog accusing everyone else in the industry of getting it horribly wrong on virtualisation.

The author of the post is Chuck Hollis, VP Global Marketing CTO at EMC and he writes:

“There are several array controllers sold as storage virtualization devices these days -- HDS, IBM and NetApp spring to mind.

The original value proposition had a small bit of merit -- take your old, stranded storage, add the virtualization thingie, and hopefully breath a bit of new life into your existing, tired storage.”

We’ve met Chuck before – he headlined EMC Inform in Sydney last year when he was similarly colourful but sadly failed to use any monster analogies.

But Nigel at the delightfully named Ruptured Monkey has a robust response and Chuck’s own post has a long tail of abuse from rival vendors. NetApp, which “Sectors” is rapidly growing to rely on as a source of strongly-expressed posts, fired back through the Extensible NetApp blog. IBM had a waft, too.

What a feeling!

Over at The Storage Anarchist, meanwhile, you’ll find a fab roundup of who’s where with Flash. The fact that he’s dragged the movie “Flashdance” into it lessens its appeal a tad, for those among you trying to forget the 1980s.


Storagebod had a tasty post this week, wondering just how he can do more with less. One of his ideas to help you get there is to delete a whole bunch of stuff that may not really need to be stored. Does he have a lawyer?

Schaudenfreude alert!

Lastly, a cheap shot. Enterprise Strategy Group blogger Steve Duplessie dropped into an IBM conference in Vegas the other day expecting to hear keynote speaker and human/fish Michael Phelps. Who didn’t show, for various reasons

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