Can you trust your backup application's reporting?

Third-party data backup reporting/monitoring tools can be a useful safeguard to ensure your backup software is protectingyour data properly.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing a third-party data backup reporting/monitoring tool? Why not just use the data reporting tools that my backup software vendor offers?

A: In an environment with only one data backup software product in use, a handful of backup servers, and one or two tape libraries, the backup monitoring software provided by the backup software company can suffice. However, in larger businesses with multiple locations, multiple backup packages, libraries and backup target locations, a third-party backup reporting/monitoring tool would be a smart choice to save time and money.

Q: I have spent a lot of time with a large telecom company using Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM),Legato, Symantec's backup tools and a few others. They had multiple data centers and tape libraries from IBM, Quantum, Spectra Logic and Sun Microsystems. Plus, there were hundreds of backup servers in the enterprise. How does a large enterprise wrap their arms around the issues that arise with the backups and restores in such a diverse environment with different vendors?

A: The truth is they can't. Efficiency suffers and resources are wasted. A smart solution would be to use a third-party monitoring tool that supports all of the different backup applications. Companies of this size can see consolidated reports and be notified of issues all by the same monitoring system, regardless of what backup application is running or where it is located.

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