EMC cancels Social Media Outreach program as blogger points finger of FAIL

The storage blogosphere is digesting a ham-fisted and hastily-cancelled social media splurge by EMC

A couple of days ago, SearchStorage ANZ’s Disqus commenting system received a couple of new comments. One appeared in this story about solid state disk and the other appeared in this oldie.

Both were signed by “Brian, EMC Social Outreach Team.”

We’re not the only site to have had this stuff, and reaction has been stiff. Stephen Foskett has labelled it “Failed Social Media Marketing”.

EMC’s Chuck Hollis killed the campaign, fast.

In a Wednesday tweet, he wrote “We found out about it yesterday morning, and quickly shut it down. Somebody's bad idea, quickly fixed.” He later had the good grace to retweet Foskett’s pointers to his post and Foksett’s reply that “EMC is a big company and mistakes are sometimes made. You responded appropriately. This is about others.”

But that's not all: Foskett also wonders if EMC is using a scary-looking Twitter marketing scheme.

Anyway ... over to you! What should we do with our social spam?

That’s not the only competitive nastiness out there this week, as Storage Anarchist notes how a SAN failure at a financial institution has seen “Sales reps from the vendor-at-fault's competitors are gleefully emailing these reports to every customer and prospect, in hopes of creating sufficient Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) about the competitor in the minds of these potential sources of revenue. I personally have had over a dozen emails in my inbox linking to the reports.”

The Anarchist labels this “deplorable, childish behaviour.” Maybe we’ll do another poll about that soon.

Elsewhere, the big themes are Dell buying Ocarina and the release of vSphere 4.1.

The former sees Sunshine Mugrabi make a special guest return slot to her old gig as Ocarina’s blogger-in-residence, and she likes the idea of Dell becoming Ocarina’s Daddy. EGS’s Lauren Whitehouse is mostly positive, as is everyone’s favourite San Marino-based integrator Cinetica. CommVault thinks it’s a good buy, as it makes Dell a better competitor for EMC and NetApp.

On the vSphere front, we have NetApp, Virtual Geek, My Virtual Cloud and 3Par’s Marc Farley.

Farley has also started a storage comic strip. There’s a sample below.

Farley also rips Microsoft this week, labelling its storage appliance “mediocre.”

Storage blogfests are also generating lots of posts – which is why they get organised! Rodos has photos from the latest Gestalt IT Field Day, a topic that also moved Boche to pen some posts. HDS’ equivalent Japan jaunt has also got a few posts out there.

Virtual stuff

Virtualization is another hot topic this week. Permabit notes how it hogs storage. AboutRestore thinks VMware-centric backup could be on the way out. Scott Lowe wonders if vMotion is practical. And NetApp thinks out loud about storage for virtual desktops, via. Australian employee John Martin and his blog Storage Without Borders.

While we’re on the Aussies, Preston de Guise is back in form with posts on SP3 for NetWorker 7.5 and some of his adventures with Macs. Adaptec’s Neil explains the Australian sports fan’s psyche.

Silverton Consulting plays with SNIA’s new SSD standard and Storage IO plays with Seagate’s new hybrid magnetic/SSD, the Momentus XT.

StorageZilla fans the flames on rumours that the inventor of Symmetrix and XIV is about to bail from IBM. Storagebod combines Winnie the Pooh and Cloud Computing.

Lastly, Stephen Foskett looks at the possible revival of Token Ring – as a carrier for Fiber Channel and offers this nifty logo for Fiber Channel over Token Ring.


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