Government workshops to raise security awareness

Given the potential disastrous consequences of an attack on our critical infrastructure, the Australian Government is set to run a series of workshops educating operators about cyber threats.

The Australian government is conducting a series of workshops and executive sessions on cyber threats to supervisory and industrial control systems.

These systems provide the backbone for a vast array of sensors, alarms and switches that provide automated control and monitoring functions for critical infrastructure. They are typically used in the water, electricity, gas, transport, broadcasting and communication sectors.

"Many [of these systems] were designed before the internet became widely adopted. As these systems are being connected to the internet they are being exposed to emerging IT security threats," said Senator Helen Coonan, the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, who announced the workshops.

A new information portal will also be launched that will give Australian owners and operators of critical infrastructure a trusted environment for exchanging information and raise awareness of IT security issues.

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