Salmat deploys Web 2.0 security protection

Communications outsourcer Salmat has implemented a new web gateway to protect against Web 2.0-borne threats.

Salmat, a diversified communications business that outsources call centres and operates catalogue services for retailers, has deployed the Websense Web Security Gateway to provide it with real-time security protection from dynamic Web 2.0 threats.

Salmat employs around 6000 people globally, with operations in every state across Australia and internationally in the US, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. The company required a flexible solution to protect the organisation against web-based security threats and also wanted to control access to Web 2.0 content, while assuring productivity. Future data leakage prevention (DLP) initiatives also dictated a platform that provided support for these requirements.

Roy Cushan, National IT Infrastructure Manager, Salmat, said, “In parts of our business, we manage multiple clients that have different web and data access needs resulting in the requirement to constantly adjust policies as new client projects start and finish or existing client requirements change.

“After a review of various solutions, we found Websense to be the best fit. The Websense products provide real-time scanning capabilities, unmatched ability to discover threats designed to bypass anti-virus engines and robust, centralised reporting across our network of dispersed offices.”

The Security Gateway solves growing challenges brought on by the explosion of Web 2.0 technologies including user-generated content, mashups, interactive networking sites and web applications.

Providing inline inspection of web traffic, SSL traffic, Web 2.0 applications, and more than 100 network protocols, Websense Web Security Gateway classifies new and dynamic content in real time, determining immediately whether the website and its content are safe.

This breakthrough solution is achieved by implementing the Websense ThreatSeeker Network identification and classification technologies at the customer’s gateway, protecting them from never before seen threats and web content.

“Websense provides us real-time protection from malicious content, allowing our employees and clients to use Web 2.0 tools to drive business growth without having to worry about security or productivity drains. At the same time, our IT team reaps the time-savings benefits of the Websense single report manager across our multiple locations. Other solutions required a console at each location that would have required separate management and administration. We can now concentrate on having IT add value to the business rather than be managing security consoles. At the same time, we should save on bandwidth consumption,” said Cushan.


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