Isilon arrives in Australia

Clustered storage vendor Isilon has opened its doors in Australia, with a familiar name at the helm.

Clustered storage specialist Isilon has set up shop in Australia and already boasts at least two customers in the country.

Isilon offers a clustered storage solution that sees storage "nodes" assembled into clusters. No matter how many nodes comprise a cluster, the company's solutions present as a single storage volume. This trick is accomplished thanks to virtualisation and a twin-network approach that sees the nodes interface to end-users and applications using Gigabit Ethernet and speak to each other using InfiniBand.

Michael Burnie, who founded both EMC and Network Appliance's local offices, will head the company's Australian presence, one of a number of new offices it will open as it formally enters the Asia-Pacific market.

Users, meanwhile, have already started to acquire the company's products before the opening of its offices. Burnie said Rising Sun Pictures and Video 8 have both acquired the company's products for use in video production projects.

That application will be Isilon's initial focus, as the company believes it plays to its strengths managing unstructured data. Indeed the company's sales pitch asserts that other storage vendors grew up managing structured data, such as databases, and have since struggled to tweak their wares to work in the new world of digital content and the associated explosion in data growth. Throw in the fact that much traditional storage struggles to create volumes of more than a few terabytes and Isilon believes its clustered approach will find favor among those tired of hiring storage administrators to manage the complexity that comes with a handful or more logical volumes.

The company also sees its products as offering an alternative route to hierarchical storage management, as it offers different nodes with different capabilities. More expensive nodes offer high performance, with less expensive alternatives designed to serve as nearline archives. A host of other storage management tools are also among the company's offerings, to facilitate snapshots, data migration and other chores.

Isilon will sell exclusively through the channel, with Techtel, ASI, Data Management Australia and Magna Systems already signed on as partners.

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