Sectors - Cisco to buy NetApp?

This week's roundup of storage blogs finds Cisco shopping - maybe for NetApp? - and EMC about to attempt time travel.

Imagine you're a CEO with $30 billion in the bank - and that's after the big R&D splash needed to enter the server market. What do you do next?

Well if that CEO is Cisco's John Chambers, he apparently thinks about buing NetApp. The ZeroWait blog is curently pointing to this Bloomberg piece suggesting that Cisco is pushing an empty trolley up and down the aisle of the depessed stock market, looking for bargains. And at least on financial analyst - UBS - reckons NetApp is in that category and would not look out of place beneath Cisco's stlised Golden Gate Bridge.

In a more useful NetApp vein, Scott Lowe has a primer about the company's MultiStore kit.

ESG Analyst Steve Duplessie is obviously having a cow of a week. Hence his recycling of the old email gag about Cows being metaphos for different economic models. He's given it a nice storage twist, though, along these lines:


            You have two cows.

You charge me for 6 cows but I think I have 12, so somehow I'm ok with that.

You can read the whole thing here.

EMC is planning a big week after Easter with a big event called 'Overtake the Future'. Bloggers are mixed in their reaction. The Backup Blog remembered who puts food on its table and toed the corporate line. Storagezilla was brief and narky but has comments that confirm our suspicions this is EMC's big cloud play, with a layer of VMware inbetween. While we are on EMC, Storage Anarchist points out a book penned by working mothers from the company. It's a change from our usual thing and looks very worthy of your attention.

Storage Networking World took place in the USA this week and the biggest announcement came from Brocade, which let its FCoE kit into the light. Storage Architect was the only blog we track to bite hard and declared the announcement a big fat 'meh'. Enter the wonderfully-named Ruptured Monkey, with a rather stronger opinion on matters pertaining to Brocade and HDS.

Lastly, a new beast in the Zoo: IBM has a green storage blog. There's not much there, yet, but we cannot help but feel there will be much mirth to be had at its expense before long!

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