HP, EMC slam NetApp, HDS laughs at EMC, NetApp digs at HP

The usual suspects in the storage blogosphere have initiated another round of brawling, as EMC, NetApp, HDS and HP all get stuck in again.

Is the worm turning for NetApp? That’s the impression we get this week, as rival vendors start to wonder out loud why the number five storage vendor (for such is NetApp’s rank, by revenue) is so mean, narky and angry in its blogs.

Exhibit one is this HP post questioning NetApp’s performance claims, while this followup in which HP’s Jim Haberkorn rubs it in by writing:

"When I see someone get frustrated and lose their temper on a blog, it's usually because deep inside they know they are losing.”

EMC’s Chuck Hollis has a waft, too, writing:

“NetApp has a nice file system with some useful tricks, but has never been able to move much beyond this.”

He then goes on to argue that NetApp is, basically, stuffed.

HDS, meanwhile, reckons EMC’s Symmetrix V-Max is stuffed. At least in terms of sales, of which it alleges there are none.

But of course HDS has its own worries, as expressed in previous brawls about whether its provisioning technology is any good. Unsurprisingly, the company asserts that it is and continues to express this forcibly in blog-land.

The other hot topic of the week is HP’s acquisition of IBRIX, which NetApp predictably says is a bad idea unless you are HP’s server division. StorageMojo is also not super-keen on the deal.

While we are on acquisitions, EMC’s Hollis lifts the lid on his company’s plans for Data Domain here and AboutRestore suggests that perhaps NetApp might like to acquire Quantum instead?

Practical stuff

There’s plenty of practical stuff out there this week too, led by Preston De Guise who writes “Of cascading failures and the need to test” and much more besides. vTacit has some advice about RecoverPoint and the Backup Blog has a tip for TSM users. Virtual Geek offers a how-to on “enabling 10GbE VMDirectPathIO on vSphere 4.”

Storage Mojo has a very interesting post alleging Samsung and Toshiba are having trouble finding takers for their 1.8 inch hard drives, which could mean the death of the form factor. Storage Switzerland shows why: it’s benchmarks show that SSDs kick spinning platters behinds.

Information playground has an interesting take on XAM and Storage Switzerland backs up, pardon the pun, with this post on how backup virtualisation reduces OPEX.

Lastly, EMC employee Storagezilla has some cool new graphics and a nice post saying that RSA’s Chief Scientist has turned his hand to fiction. We'll leave that alone, I think, lest we sound as naughty as storage bloggers!

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